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Newspaper & Magazine:

Many of the lost clippings have now been rescanned and uploaded here. Note that clippings were no longer collected after Sujoy's retirement from professional gaming in 2001.

Daily Telegraph (12 March 1998)
Guardian (2 July 1998)
PC Zone (August 1998)
Evening Standard (1 Feb 2000)
The Times (5 Feb 2000)
News of the World (30 April 2000)
The Observer (9 April 2000) (original paper lost)
The Guardian (25 May 2000) (original paper lost)
PC Format (June 2000)
PC Gamer (June 2000)
PC Zone (July 2000)
The Times (17 June 2000)
The Independent (22 August 2000)
The Mirror (25 August 2000)
Sunday Express (27 August 2000)
PC Format (September 2000)
Computer Weekly (7 September 2000) Page 1, Page 2
Daily Telegraph (9 September 2000)
The Guardian (14 September 2000) (original paper lost)
The Guardian (12 October 2000) (original paper lost)
Sunday Times (26 November 2000)
Sunday Herald Sun (10 December 2000) Page 1, Page 2
Official Dreamcast Magazine (January 2001)
Occasions (February 2001)
Hotline (February 2001)
The Independent (2 April 2001) (original paper lost)
The Independent (2 April 2001) (original paper lost)
The Daily Mail (3 April 2001)
The New Zealand Herald (4 April 2001) (original paper lost)
Computer Gaming World (May 2001)
Financial Times (12 May 2001), Cover, P1, P2, P3, P4
The Mirror (19 May 2001)
The Face (June 2001)
Sunday Times (17 June 2001) Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
Newsweek (24 December 2001) Page 1, Page 2


Video clips will be made available shortly. Note that clippings were no longer collected after Sujoy's retirement from professional gaming.

Urbanation (June 2002)

Global Village (2002)

Pro Gamers (2001)

Bravo - GamePad (October 2001)
Interview with Sujoy Roy, filmed at The Playing Fields.

Bravo - Mercenaries (September 2001)
Computer game based TV gameshow heavily featuring Sujoy Roy as a player in one of the teams.

BBC1 - Urban Icons (August 2001)
Documentary on Sujoy Roy filmed around the streets of London.

ITV - Surfer's Paradise (June 2001)
A feature covering the ESReality Invitational event where star players from the USA and Europe faced each other in a Ryder cup style tournament (run by Sujoy Roy).

ITV - Surfer's Paradise (June 2001)
A documentary on the Internet gaming culture, interviewing Sujoy Roy at Lan Arena in Nottingham.

Game Network - Interview (June 2001)
An interview with Sujoy Roy, conducted at the Insomnia 7 LAN event held in March 2001, at Newbury racecourse.

Channel 4 - The Big Breakfast (March 2001)
A second Big Breakfast interview with Sujoy Roy, this time also featuring Roland Glover and focussing on the new role of Agents in professional gaming.

Sky News (March 2001)

E4 - Game Boys (14 February 2001)
A documentary following two UK gamers - Sujoy Roy and Ian Holder - as they prepare and compete in the CPL Babbages tournament held in Dallas, Christmas 2000.

Sky News - Technofile Extra (20 November 2000)
A news piece on Sujoy, discussing the hectic life of a professional gamer and the growing competitive gaming market.

Sky One - Blam! (November 2000)
A documentary on professional gaming, interviewing Sujoy Roy.

Channel 4 - Sick and Twisted (October 2000)
A documentary on the growing trend of computer games as a spectator sport, featuring the UK Qualifier for CPL Europe's first event, at The Playing Fields. Sujoy Roy is interviewed about the popularity of game recordings at ESReality.

BBC 1 - BBC News (September 2000)
A look at the gaming industry, including an interview with Sujoy Roy on the subject of professional game playing.

BBC Online - So Hot (September 2000)
An online video feature for the BBC's celebrity section, talking to Sujoy Roy at the Millenium Dome (during the BattleTop UK Challenge) about his life in professional gaming.

BBC 1 - Breakfast News (31 August 2000)
A section of BBC 1's Breakfast News devoted to the growing following of online gaming around the world. The News presenter interviews Sujoy Roy and Steve Baxter (gaming journalist).

Sky One - The Right Stuff (June 2000)
A feature about Sujoy Roy and his prized possessions.

ITV - Cybernet (May 2000)
A feature devoted to the Razer CPL Tournament held in Dallas, interviewing Sujoy Roy and Angel Munoz.

Channel 5 - News at Five (27 April 2000)
Sujoy Roy is interviewed by the Channel 5 news presenter about the growing competitive gaming scene and the life of a professional games player.

Channel 4 - The Big Breakfast (4 February 2000)
A new feature on their show entitled "I can't believe they get paid for that!", this episode featuring Johnny Vaugn interviewing Sujoy Roy.
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